Vinification Intégrale - Patented method of red grape barrel fermentation

Several experiments exist for the vinification of red grape varieties in barrels. Numerous methods have been used: upright barrels with heads removed, horizontal barrels with the grapes inserted through the bung hole, use of special barrels with modified bung holes, etc.

Thanks to OXOline® racks which allow barrels to be rotated and handled separately, Tonnellerie Baron has developed «Vinification  Intégrale®» complete vinification. This technique allows the harvested grapes to be properly placed in the barrels and all the classic vinification operations can be carried out without the expense of sending barrels out for modification, or bringing coopers in to perform specialized services.

In this way, the entire vinification process takes place in the barrel and the aromatic potential of the grapes is completely preserved, all with a very limited investment.



Vinification Intégrale